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Step 1 – Capture your face

Use your smartphone to make a series of photos.

For this step you need:

A friend

A smartphone (iPhone 5 / Samsung Galaxy S4 or similar)

Good lighting


Step 2 – Reference photo

Make one photo with a card that has a magnetic stripe as a reference for our tailoring process.

To complete this step you need:

A friend

A card with magnetic stripe


Here at Boulton we are fired up and ready to print your Boulton frame. But first we need a good set of photos from your face to start tailoring your frame.

Before we do we always check the photos in person. We can and will only use photos of good quality. If needed we will ask you to add some more photos before we move on.

Looking forward!

Merijn, Tim and Rutger.

What do I need to make good photos?

  • iPhone 5 / Samsung Galaxy S4 or similar
  • A friend to take the photos for you

What’s a good spot?

  • Make sure there is enough lighting
  • Make sure the background has one uniform color (can be any color)
  • Make sure the background has no ‘cement paint’ (Dutch: ‘structuurverf’)

What makes the perfect photo?

  • Use the ‘photo option’ on your smartphone, not ‘video’
  • Position your screen horizontally (landscape) for taking the photos
  • The one being photographed turns his head from one ear to the other ear in 20 seconds (180 degrees in total). It helps to count to 20 during filming (so 10 seconds per side, 20 in total).
  • Press the photo button for the whole 20 seconds (‘burst mode': it takes a series of photos automatically)
  • Make sure you only photograph the face from the chin to the top of the head (do not use the zoom-in option to do so)
  • Make sure your ears are clear of any hair
  • Don’t wear a capuchon/hooded sweater or scarf

Reference image

  • For scaling perfectly we need a reference image.
  • Take a photo with you holding a bank card (or any other card of the same size and with a magnetic stripe) touching your chin.

Sending the photos