Our Story

At Boulton we only do things that create real value for the individual we all are.

Sometime in the early days of 2013 we (Merijn, Tim) started looking at the world of 3D-printing. We were following the early days of the third industrial revolution for some time and got introduced by our good friend Pieter. Tim being an industrial designer, Merijn involved in gearing up online concepts.

We knew that parts of the revolution were actually going on for a longer time already; this part was called ‘rapid prototyping’ and – as it states – was all about prototyping ideas and products. What really changed things was the introduction of affordable desktop printers like The Ultimaker and Makerbot. Suddenly a lot of inspiring and creative minds dedicated all their time and energy to bring this maker movement to the next level. And we wanted to be part of this.

We immediately got pretty excited about designing and making tailor-made eyewear. From the start it was obvious that the desktop printers did not have the quality for our designer eyewear yet, so we turned to higher quality 3D-printing production. And as it turned out almost two years later it could be done and we are loving it.

After a lot of talking to and endlessly testing materials and prototypes with potential customers, opticians, optometrists, designers and suppliers we nailed it. Based on a 3D-image of the customers face we can make every frame we sell fit you perfectly.

In short we love what we are doing and we will do everything we can to help push this exciting makers movement forward. In eyewear and other product categories. If you have any question about our eyewear or in what way we can help your business in the field of 3D printing just drop us a line or call us.